Square Black Vinyl Fire Pit Cover

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Square Vinyl Fire Pit Cover

For a square fire pit, add the same shaped cover to protect it. That is, once you're finished and it has cooled. Two square options exist: 48x48 or 60x60 inches (length by width). Both measure 22 inches down (height). What differs are the structures they fit (see Features below). Both sizes adjust by pulling the string at the bottom to securely cover your fire pit enclosure. Allow ample room for give.

Square Fire Pit Cover (with pull string to tighten and customize the fit):

Product #
Size (length x width x height)
Enclosure Range
FPC-48SQSquare black vinyl48 x 48 x 22 inches 36x36 - 48x48 inches
FPC-60SQSquare black vinyl60 x 60 x 22 inches48x48 - 60x60 inches