Rectangle Black Vinyl Fire Pit Cover

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Rectangle Vinyl Fire Pit Cover

Use lightweight black vinyl to easily cover your fire pit. Four rectangular-shaped options exist, all 22 inches high. What differs are the lengths and structures (enclosures) they fit (see Features below). The FPC-44X30, for example, measures 44 x 30 inches (length by width). This rectangular cover secures by pulling the string at the bottom to enclose a fire pit base that ranges between 34 x 20 inches and 44 x 30 inches.

Rectangle Fire Pit Cover (with pull string to tighten and customize the fit):

Product #
Size (l x w x h)
Enclosure Range
FPC-44x30Rectangular black vinyl44 x 30 x 22 inches34x20 - 44x30 inches
FPC-62x30Rectangular black vinyl 62 x 30 x 22 inches52x20 - 62x30 inches
FPC-78x30Rectangular black vinyl
78 x 30 x 22 inches68x30 - 78x30 inches
Rectangular black vinyl
94 x 30 x 22 inches
82x20 - 94x30 inches
Rectangular black vinyl
130 x 30 x 22 inches
120x20 - 130x30 inches