Edwardian Large Clay Chimney Pot

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Large Edwardian

One of three units larger than the standard Edwardian size, this model measures 36 inches tall, weighs 190 pounds, and fits a wider fireplace opening (maximum of 36 inches). This Large Edwardian resides in a popular family of terracotta chimney pots. A round top, octagonal body, and square base best describe its physical characteristics. Specs, pictures, and videos (above and below) augment these details.

This video (below) introduces you to a Large Edwardian sitting on a pallet in our masonry yard.


Material: Terracotta Height: 36" Weight: 190 lbs. Round Top Opening: 11.25" Square Base Inner Dimensions: 14.25" x 14.25" Square Base Outer Dimensions: 16.5" x 16.5" Firebox Opening Size: 36" Installation: Mortar mount


11 Additional Choices: Antique, Blue Limestone, Brick Red, Brown Salt Glaze, Brownstone, Buff Glaze, Charcoal, Glossy Black, Grey Limestone, Sandstone, Slate Grey Coloring Process: Allow 3 - 4 weeks.


Model Match: Large Round Rain Guard Material: Terracotta Weight: 40 lbs. Lid Diameter: 19" Chimney Pot Top Opening: 11.25" Generic Model: Octagon Rain Guard


If need be (to ask about the Large Edwardian or anything else), please call us: 1-800-679-8718.
See how to install a chimney pot here.
For the best shipping rates we'll gladly send multiple pots at once on the same pallet. The easiest way to calculate multiple pot orders is by either emailing us at sales@buddingco.com or calling us toll free (see number above). We welcome your inquiries.

Catch a glimpse of two Edwardians with their round rain guards adorning a dual flue chimney top (see next image).

Even though the next video shows a larger (Magnum) size, it provides another view of an Edwardian on a rooftop. This time enclosing a gas fireplace exhaust pipe.

Some folks use seconds (discarded pots) as decorative planters. The following video zooms in on a repurposed item that looks somewhat like an Edwardian. This pot remains a focal point, only now on the ground to emphasize a home's front area. To give you the gist about coloring, see also that this old pot had been previously glazed in a Buff finish.