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Mar-Gon Floor Leveler and Crack Filler levels floors prior to laying linoleum, tile, etc. Repairs wood furniture, picture frames, moldings, rotted wood, fills knot holes, nail holes, cracked or broken plaster. Also excellent for setting bathroom fixtures and casting patterns. AS A FLOOR LEVELER: When mixed with water, Mar-Gon trowels on to level above-grade floors prior to laying linoleum, tile, and other floor coverings. AS A REPAIR COMPOUND: Mar-Gon mixes easily with water to form a shrink- proof, quick-setting putty for repairing wooden furniture, picture frames, moldings and rotted wood. It also fills knot holes, nail and screw holes, wallboard joints and casting patterns. Mar-Gon’s superior adhesion and durability also make it ideal for setting bathroom fixtures and repairing cracked or broken plaster around tubs and sinks.

Surface Prep: Remove all dirt, grease and foreign matter from area where Mar-Gon is to be applied. For best adhesion, dampen the area to be repaired with water. For best results on wood, prime first. MIXING: In a clean receptacle, mix approximately three parts Mar-Gon to one part water. Stir quickly until a stiff, even paste is formed. For depressions in floors that are deeper than 1/4 inch, mix two parts clean, washed sand and one part floor leveler with water to a stiff, even paste. Application: AS A FLOOR LEVELER: After applying and spreading Mar-Gon, smooth with a wet trowel. Reinforcing wire should be used when leveling large areas of wooden floors. AS A REPAIR COMPOUND: Press Mar-Gon tightly into place with a trowel or putty knife and smooth surface as desired. Allow patch to set completely before using sandpaper or steel wool. Limitations: DO NOT use on surfaces subject to vehicular traffic or in locations exposed to wetness, such as below grade basement floors. DO NOT use this product if temperature will remain below freezing during application and for one week thereafter. When fully cured (1 to 3 days after application depending upon temperature and humidity) Mar-Gon Floor Leveler and Crack Filler may be finished with any quality acrylic latex paint. When it is desirable to use an adhesive it is recommended that a water based acrylic latex adhesive be used.