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Want the look of Natural Stone? Choose DevonStone, EP Henry's exclusive line of cast stone slabs replicating the looks of bluestone, slate, limestone and more.

What are the advantages of DevonStone over natural stone?
DevonStone is more uniform in thickness and in length and width dimensions,
making installation faster and easier. Many natural stones also have inherent
fractures, making them susceptible to cracking and spalling in freeze/thaw conditions.

My DevonStone cast stone pavers have a white haze on them.
What is it?
It’s probably efflorescence. This occurs when the natural salts in the raw materials
(including sand, cement, and stone) are drawn to the surface by moisture.
Efflorescence is common to all concrete products, is completely natural and
will disappear with time.
While efflorescence will eventually go away, there are cleaners available at thins link that are
specifically formulated for concrete. Most of these contain acid and detergents, so
be sure to follow all label directions and environmental regulations if you choose
to use them. Remember. if you clean the DevonStone pavers, you must seal them.
I’d like my DevonStone pavement to have a sheen.

Can I seal it?
Yes, you can. Sealing will enhance colors and may prevent staining. If you choose
to seal, do so a minimum of 60 to 90 days after completion of installation.
Product should be cleaned prior to sealing.

Can I put DevonStone on top of my existing
concrete patio or walkway?
Yes, you can, provided it’s in good shape. Use a high strength, flexible concrete
adhesive or a thin set bed (1/2” – 3/8”) of mortar to adhere them to the
concrete slab. All joints must be mortared (polymeric sand is not acceptable in
these applications). Make sure you immediately clean any mortar residue off the
pavers, using a damp cloth.

How do I cut DevonStone?
DevonStone can be easily cut with any power saw with a diamond blade. Always
wear protective glasses and a mask when cutting with a power saw. If using water
during the cutting process, be sure to immediately clean any residue that may be
left on the stone, or staining will result. Do not use a hammer and chisel to cut

Can I use DevonStone on my driveway?
No. DevonStone is not suitable for any vehicular application.

Can I use DevonStone inside?
Absolutely, just install it the same way you would tile, with a thinset adhesive.

Can I use DevonStone with my EP Henry pavers?
You can, but you must account for the difference in thickness. Most pavers are
2 3/8” or 3 1/8” thick; DevonStone is 1 5/8” thick. Do not attempt to
compensate for the variability in thickness with the bedding material.