244 Salt Screen Additive 5 Gal

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244 is a pre-measured, water-based chloride screen additive from Prosoco that mixes with Consolideck LS™ or LS/CS™ to protect concrete masonry.

• One easy application provides hardening, dustproofing, and protection from abrasion, moisture intrusion, and chloride salts.
• Effective protection against de-icing salts and salt air.
• Water-based formula minimizes explosion and fire hazards associated with alcohol- or solvent-based water repellents.
• Low odor reduces risk of application around occupied buildings.
• Alkaline stable – suitable for new “green” concrete, 14–28 days old.
• Treated surfaces “breathe” – does not trap moisture.
• Complies with all known national, state and district AIM VOC regulations.

• 244 Salt Screen Additive must be mixed with Consolideck® LS® or LS/CS® before application and applied within 24 hours.
• Not for use on natural stone.
• Not suitable for protecting surfaces subject to constant water spray (car washes).
• Not suitable for application to coated surfaces or surfaces previously treated with water repellents.
• Will not prevent water penetration through structural cracks, defects or open joints.
• Not suitable for application to synthetic resin paints, gypsum, or other non-masonry surfaces. The product may not be suitable for surfaces to receive paints or coatings. Always test for compatibility.
• Not recommended for below-grade application.

General Advice: Pre-testing recommended and always follow safety precautions.
Combine with Consolideck® LS® or LS/CS® in the following dilutions to make ready-to-use product.

  • 1-quart 244 Salt Screen Additive to 1-gallon LS® or LS/CS® produces 1.25 gallons of ready-to-use product.
  • 1-gallon 244 Salt Screen Additive to 4-gallons LS® or LS/CS® produces 5 gallons of ready-to-use product.
  • 5-gallons 244 Salt Screen Additive to 20-gallons of LS® or LS/CS® produces 25 gallons of ready-to-use product.
More Information: Refer to product label and manufacturer's instructions for additional details. such as application procedures, drying time, safety precautions, best practices, and more.