York Clay Chimney Pot

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York Clay Chimney Pot

  • The stylized sheaf on this pot's body depicts the simplicity of Danish design.
    • How fitting, since the word York originates from the Danish word Jorvik.
    • How coincidental, across the sea from Denmark are clay chimney pots dotting rooftops in York, England.
  • These chimney pots are practical by improving chimney updraft and pleasing by augmenting house appeal.
  • Structural decoration includes rolled top, center motif, and square base.
  • Each model stands 33 inches tall, weighs 202 pounds, and fits a 48 inch wide firebox opening.
  • To discover more about the York, check out videos and tech specs (above & below).

1. We were driving around and saw a York on top of a residential chimney (in the above video).

2. In the next video take a peek at a York Clay Chimney Pot that's grouped with other models on a pallet in our masonry yard. See the center motif?


Material: Terracotta Height: 33" Weight: 202 lbs. Round Top Opening: 14.75" Square Base Inner Dimensions: 20" x 20" Square Base Outer Dimensions: 22.5" x 22.5" Firebox Opening Size: 48" Installation: Mortar mount


11 Additional Choices: Antique, Blue Limestone, Brick Red, Brown Salt Glaze, Brownstone,
Buff Glaze, Charcoal, Glossy Black, Grey Limestone, Sandstone, Slate Grey
Color Process: Allow 3 - 4 weeks.


Model Match: York Rain Guard Material: Terracotta Weight: 145 lbs. Lid Diameter: 22" Chimney Pot Top Opening: 14.75" Generic Model: Octagon Rain Guard


To ask about the York, the York Rain Guard, or anything else, please call us: 1-800-679-8718. This article describes how to install a chimney pot.

1. This picture (below) captures a collection of clay chimney pot styles. Can you see the York with its sheaf motif?
Hint: It's in the back, first from the left, and stands 33" high (to give you a sense of proportion).

2. Two of the pots in the above collection have been color glazed. To learn more about this option, please watch the following video.