Speedy-Clean Concrete Dissolver

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Speedy-Clean is a new generation non-hazardous material that etches the surface of concrete for the preparation of concrete sealers and epoxy coatings. Speedy-Clean will not kill plants or stain surrounding painted surfaces however good housekeeping is required to ensure surfaces inadvertently coated are washed off. It is particularly suited for preparation of internal concrete floors where hosing off the residue is not possible or practical.

How does Speedy Clean Concrete Dissolver work? Speedy Clean Concrete Dissolver is a non-acid alternative that deconstructs the bond between Portland cement and other ingredients such as sand or gravel. Speedy Clean turns the material into an easy to remove non-hazardous mush. The amount of time required for this process is proportional to the thickness of the concrete being dissolved. Need to remove unsightly concrete from vinyl siding, vehicles or bricks? Speedy Clean allows you to easily remove concrete from almost any quickly and effectively without damage or noxious fumes. Are you a Concrete Contractor or Ready Mix Plant with difficult to remove concrete on your trucks, equipment or tools? Speedy Clean is by far a safer and faster means to remove hardened concrete than other methods used in the market today. Give Speedy Clean a try today! *Biodegradable, Nonflammable, Noncorrosive*

Speedy-Clean Concrete Dissolver Is Available In: * 22 Oz. Spray Bottles * 5-Gallon Pails * 55-Gallon Drums * 275-Gallon Totes INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Completely saturate the hardened concrete with undiluted Speedy-Clean. Surface will turn white on contact then darken. (If Speedy-Clean evaporates, a white residue will appear. DO NOT RINSE. Re-apply Speedy-Clean to reactivate as needed until concrete has softened to a mush). Allow Speedy-Clean to penetrate 10-15 minutes. Then re-apply to same area. Keep surface wet with Speedy-Clean. Concrete will begin to soften and release from surface. (Total time approx. 20-30 minutes)

CONCRETE ETCHING PROCEDURE * Concrete must be dry to touch before applying Speedy-Clean. * Apply Speedy-Clean to concrete using a low pressure sprayer at an application rate of up to 500 square feet per gallon and allow to dry (it dries off in about 5 minutes). Apply a second coat exactly the same as the first and allow to dry. On contact with the cement component of the concrete, the Speedy-Clean will turn a white color and soak down into the surface. * Lightly sprinkle water onto all surfaces and use a broom to move the water around to activate the Speedy-Clean into a paste solution on the surface. The solution starts to turn grey as the cement particles are being released thus removing the laitance. Sprinkle more water if necessary to keep the surface wet at all times and use the broom to scrub lightly to keep the paste activated. * Allow 20 to 30 minutes for the wet solution to penetrate and soak in. * Liberally hose water onto the surface and scrub residue off with a broom until no evidence is left of the Speedy-Clean. (For internal areas where hosing is not possible/practical - use a mop and bucket of clean water to remove all the residue from the surface. Ensure the mop is continually rinsed out in clean water during this procedure). * Allow concrete to dry completely before sealing unless using the M50 or Primeseal water-based Epoxy coatings in which case the damp surface aids their adhesion.