Rosetta Fire Pit Kit

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Call 1-800-679-8718 for any fire pit questions.

FEATURES: Beautiful natural stone texture Dimensional = fast installation and no waste One Pallet contains all components Integrates seamlessly with all Rosetta products Round, rustic fire pit and Square, formal fire pit available. Fire Pit Pallet: 1,275 lbs Each pallet contains all of the 6” tall, 3” tall, and cap pieces needed to created the fire pit shown below. The fire pit can be ordered with a black steel ring (shown), a galvanized ring.

INSTRUCTIONS: For Both Round & Square Fire Pit Kits
1. Familiarize yourself with the construction details shown on this page.
2. Mark out the location for your fire pit. Note dimensions shown are nominal so mark an area slightly larger than shown.
3. Excavate for drain stone base (approx. 6”)
4. Fill excavated area with drain stone, level, and compact.
5. Place and center steel ring on prepared base.
6. Place blocks per the pattern. (For Round Kit, keep Blocks 1 1/2” off steel ring)
7. WARNING: Do not place Rosetta Fire Pits directly on Rosetta Flagstone products or any comparable concrete product as high heat can adversly affect the
integrity of the product.
8. After placing blocks around the ring, adjust the blocks in or out to make the circle close and fit tight. If the blocks do not close the circle, move all blocks slightly
in. If the blocks seem too long, move the blocks slightly out.
9. Place caps in circle around fire pit. Adjust the caps in or out to make them fit tightly together.
10. Note: Not suitable for large fires. Fire size should not allow flame to contact Caps on Round Fire Pit.
*Gas Conversion Kits Available