Pro Inground Well Light

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Sandy, our weathered brass well light, is designed to be buried in the ground and direct light upward into trees, grasses, and shrubs while hiding the light source. Hiding our inground fixtures throughout your design will create the right effect without revealing the light source. Where stake mounted lights can create lighting hotspots - drawing the eye directly to the light source, Sandy won’t detract attention from the beauty of your overall design. To reduce potential fixture damage from lawnmowers, and other landscape tools, Sandy can be installed flush with the lawn, landscaped or hardscaped surface.

Sandy is especially effective in accenting the shapes of slim trees and tall grasses. Voltage: 12V Construction: Solid Cast Brass Weight: 2.35 lbs Finish: Weathered Red Brass Shroud: Quick Lock with Set Screw Wire: 36” 18/2 UL Rated Lead Wire Socket: Beryllium Copper, G5.3 BiPin Socket, pre-greased Wattage: Maximum 20 Watts Lens: Clear Convex Tempered Glass Mounting: Inground/Recessed