Mathis Clay Chimney Pot

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Mathis Clay Chimney Pot

Round parallel pot with roll top and double rings on square pedestal. Each unit measures 26 inches high, weighs 120 pounds, and fits a 36 inch wide firebox opening. Attaching a rain guard provides weather protection and adds a finishing touch. Some folks mix and match the Mathis with other styles (as exemplified above, under videos). Watch more and read tech specs for other details.

The next video shows four Mathis pots sitting on a pallet, two are upside down, which gives you a chance to see their square base underneath.


Material: Terracotta Height: 26" Weight: 120 lbs. Round Top Opening: 12.5" Square Base Inner Dimensions: 16.5" x 16.5" Square Base Outer Dimensions: 19" x 19" Firebox Opening Size: 36" Installation: Mortar mount


11 Additional Choices: Antique, Blue Limestone, Brick Red, Brown Salt Glaze, Brownstone, Buff Glaze, Charcoal, Glossy Black, Grey Limestone, Sandstone, Slate Grey Color Process: Allow 3 - 4 weeks.


Model Match: Plaza Rain Guard Material: Terracotta Weight: 40 lbs. Lid Diameter: 19" Chimney Pot Top Opening: 12.25" Generic Model: Octagon Rain Guard


If need be (to ask about the Mathis, its matching Plaza Rain Guard, or anything else), please call us: 1-800-679-8718. See how to install a chimney pot here. Listen Below for the technical specs.

1. Mathis style pots dot multiple flue chimneys in the following video. An exception is one with a Halifax in front.

2. Clay chimney pots are available in 12 colors: Terracotta (original material), five shown (in images below), and six others (antique glaze, grey limestone, brownstone, charcoal, or slate grey).

3. To better convey the overall effect of color glazing, watch this video. See how a chimney pot (in this case, the Edwardian style) looks in a buff color.