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Integral Lighting: An innovative solution to hardscape lighting.

Dramatic lighting that's durable and simple to install. The crowning touch to all hardscape projects. IL6 is the standard incandescent fixture that uses 10 watts of energy and can be upgraded to LED.

  • Wall Lighting elegant in the simplicity of design and function.
  • Easy to install, no cutting, drilling, or chiseling required.
  • Easy access to bulb for any maintenance needs.

Planning Tips
Low voltage lighting is a critical consideration in designing your patio. Integral lighting provides excellent accent and primary lighting for walkways. Spacing of the lamps is ideal at 40" intervals. The bulbs can be changed to increase or decrease the intensity of light. Steps must be illuminated for safety. Overall lighting provides dramatic impact and will increase the use of the patios after nightfall. The unique design provides numerous applications in your hardscaping project and the ease of installation.
Always use 10/2 cable if you plan to install 100 feet or more of cable. Integral lights are easy to install in any wall or under a tread in your steps. Thought should be given to future access to the cable and the point of lamp connector. Keep the Integral lamp connector as close to the light as possible. This will permit easier maintenance should the need arise in the future with your hardscape project.
Lighting Control
The installation of a dedicated switch will provide the greatest flexibility in the operation of your Integral lights. Transformers generally provide operation by timer. However, the ability to control your Integral lights on your hardscape patio and walkway will provide the greatest level of user satisfaction.
Lighting Retrofit Layout
It is ideal to install the Integral lights under the hardscape wall caps or stair treads. Pry the desired caps off, install the light, test and reinstall the cap or tread with hardscape adhesive. Longer runs of cable may be necessary to accommodate the concealment of the cables. Remember to use 10/2 if the runs will exceed 100 feet in length.

Hardscape walls come to life in the evening hours with Integral Lighting. Whether your wall is free form or geometric, the wall design is enhanced when lighting is added to the installation. Barely noticeable by day, it is the most discrete fixture on the market. At night, a generous eight foot diameter of light is cast upon your surrounding surfaces.

Integral Lights provides effective, discreet illumination to any hardscape installation. Beyond safety and security, the addition of lighting to your project extends the useful time of your outdoor living area. Integral Lighting is designed specifically for use with stone pavers.