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Pallet of 4 Baron Clay Chimney Pots

  • Savings on four units of the Baron clay chimney pot, priced by pallet.
  • A traditionally appealing look reminds us of pots from 19th century England.
  • Its refined octagon shape includes a protruding top with sequential beading and square pedestal.
  • Each unit stands 32 inches, weighs 125 pounds, and fits a 36 inch wide firebox opening.
  • Watch videos and check out the tech specs (above) to discover more.
  • Q: Can you pick out the Baron (in the picture below?
  • Hints: An 8-sided shape, protruding rim, decorative bands, square base, & it stands close to the front.
clay chimney pots

A: Baron Clay Chimney Pot is #22 (32"/125 lbs).

Here are details about one unit:


Material: Terracotta Height: 32" Weight: 125 lbs. Round Top Opening: 9.5" Square Base Inner Dimensions: 13.5" x 13.5" Square Base Outer Dimensions: 15.75" x 15.75" Firebox Opening Size: 36" Installation: Mortar mount


11 Additional Choices: Antique, Blue Limestone, Brick Red, Brown Salt Glaze, Brownstone,
Buff Glaze, Charcoal, Glossy Black, Grey Limestone, Sandstone, Slate Grey
Color Process: Allow 3 - 4 weeks.


Model Match: Baron Rain Guard Material: Terracotta Weight: 40 lbs. Lid Diameter: 19" Chimney Pot Top Opening: 9.25" Generic Model: Octagon Rain Guard


Please call us: 1-800-679-8718 to ask about Barons on a Pallet, optional Baron Rain Guards, or anything else. For more about pallet orders, phone us (at our above 800 number) or access this screen.

1. A Baron with its matching rain guard looks similar to the pot on the roof top in this video (above).

2. Clay chimney pots can be color matched to exterior home decor. The video (below) covers color glaze options.