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Monoslab & Turf Paver

Turf Paver; Monoslab

Monoslab and Turf pavers allow grass growth and, just as important, allow rainwater to percolate back into the ground.

Monoslab: compacted base with 2" sand or topsoil setting bed
Turf Paver: modified stone sub-base with 2" sand setting

Monoslab acts as a concrete turf and soil reinforcing grid, providing an environmentally-friendly answer to erosion control and soil stabilization issues - all while managing excess stormwater runoff by allowing rainwater to pass through the surface and return to the subsoil.

Monoslab allow various plant growth (grass, ivy, or other suitable ground cover), or can be filled with crushed stone, while ably supporting foot and vehicle traffic. It's ideal for slope stabilization, erosion control, retention basins, culverts, parking areas, drives, and more.

Ideal for "green" driveways and parking lots, EP Henry Turf Pavers ably support vehicular loads that would normally compact soils severely enough to prohibit the growth of vegetation. These permeable pavers feature openings which serve the dual purpose of allowing the grass to grow through and water to drain back to the soil. Turf Pavers are an excellent option for use in: golf course pathways, walkways, parks and campuses. As an added benefit, Turf Pavers act to stabilize the soil, providing a permanent solution to soil erosion on slopes, stream banks, spillways, wash outs, ponds and other problem areas.


Width:15 5/8"Square Foot per Cube:112
Height:4 9/19"Pounds per Cube:4,219
Length:23 1/2"

Turf Paver

Width:15 3/4"Square Foot per Cube:73
Height:3 1/8"Pounds per Cube:1,678
Length:23 7/16"