IL4 LED Integral Wall & Step Lighting Kit

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IL4 LED Integral Wall & Step Lighting Kit

Complete kit with IL4 LED lamps that are low profile for space sensitive installations. These lights are state of the art LED powered high output lights providing low power consumption. The IL4 LED lamps are available in three light color-range options. This kit or its lamps can be used with any other Budding low voltage kits.

The Kit includes...

  • Quantity 5 - Powder coated aluminum Bronze IL4.225.500 (4 inch faceplate)
  • 100' Low Voltage 12-2 wire
  • Quantity 10 - waterproof dryconn connectors
  • Premium 60 Watt Transformer

Electrical Info

  • IL4 LED Lamp draws 1.2 watts.
  • The total consumption for this kit is 6 watts.
  • Single array- 16 chip LED Lamp
  • Output 5 watts

Construction Info

  • Wall light dimensions -
  • 4" width x 1/2" height x 7/8' depth
  • Faceplates heavy duty and field replaceable
  • Aluminum .090 thick 5052T
  • Available in 13 polyester powder coated finishes
  • Solid Copper or Brass .090 thick
  • Stainless Steel 18g alloy 304
  • 6-32 slotted brass or stainless steel screws
  • Self leveling insert is Heavy 18 gauge 304 Stainless Steel
  • Holes threaded to insert plate

The LED Integral Lighting Kit comes turn key with all the wall lighting accessories to install. Using the dryconn waterproof connectors attach the five lighting fixtures to the 12-2 low voltage cable supplied. Connect the wire to the 60 Watt power supply and prepare for nighttime patio magic.