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Standard Hampshire Chimney Pot Style

  • This terracotta taper chimney pot stands 32 inches high, weighs 165 pounds, and fits a 36 inch wide firebox opening.
  • Its handcrafted, tree vine look might be ideal in a rustic setting (or somewhere that best suits you).
  • Most important is its compelling purpose to improve chimney functionality of airflow updraft and weather protection.
  • Imagine two Hampshires in tandem:
    • A new one as a chimney pot, and
    • An off grade as a garden centerpiece (see 3rd entry example, under videos).
  • This style is also available in the Mini Hampshire (18 inches, 70 pounds). Both sizes have matching rain guard options.
  • Find more details in tech specs (above).

We spotted and captured a Hampshire peeking out from pine trees (in the above video).


Material: Terracotta Height: 32" Weight: 165 lbs. Round Top Opening: 12" Round Base Inner Diameter: 16" Round Base Outer Diameter: 18.5" Firebox Opening Size: 36" Installation: Mortar mount


11 Additional Choices: Antique, Blue Limestone, Brick Red, Brown Salt Glaze, Brownstone,
Buff Glaze, Charcoal, Glossy Black, Grey Limestone, Sandstone, Slate Grey
Color Process: Allow 3 - 4 weeks.


Model Match: Plaza Rain Guard Material: Terracotta Weight: 40 lbs. Lid Diameter: 19" Chimney Pot Top Opening: 12" Generic Model: Octagon Rain Guard


To ask about the Hampshire, its matching rain guard, or anything else, please call us:1-800-679-8718. This article overviews how to install a chimney pot.

1. Welcome to the wonderful world of adorning chimneys with pots. Pause and then peruse this collection (in the top video). Where is the Hampshire style? Clues are its rolled top and scratch texture. See it right in the center?

2. We noticed a Hampshire sitting on a pallet in our yard. You can practically touch its texture in the next video.

3. Chimney pot discards (called seconds) can no longer be used on chimneys, but they can be re-purposed, for example, as garden pots. Although the pot in the following video is not a Hampshire, wouldn't one be a stunning substitute? Learn more about discounted off grade pots.