Deck Lighting Kit

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A great way to light up your deck

Opal is the ideal niche light when adding interesting and artistic lighting in areas that require subtle, soft illumination. Installed on posts, beneath benches, against stair risers or as surface lights on vertical posts and below railings, Opal will help guests navigate paths, stairs, and other potential obstacles safely. For smaller patio areas, where you need to hide the light source to avoid bright hot spots, Opal can be tucked into small nooks, edges and corners to provide the perfect amount of light right where you need it. Opal’s indirect, niche accent lighting, offers more flexibility in your designs options allowing you to integrate deck lighting into any outdoor living space. Voltage: 12V Construction: Solid Cast Brass Weight: 2.35 lbs Finish: Weathered Red Brass Shroud: Quick Lock with Set Screw Wire: 36” 18/2 UL Rated Lead Wire Socket: Beryllium Copper, G4 BiPin Socket, pre-greased Wattage: Maximum 10 Watts Lens: Frosted Tempered Glass Mounting: Wall Mount Lamp Not Included