Calcite Presoak

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Calcite Presoak

Calcite Presoak is a first step preparation for removing calcium and water stains. Many cleaners work in concert with one another. This formula is used before applying specific cleaners, such as NMD 80, Ef-fortless, or OneRestore.

The manufacturer listed these factors about Calcite Presoak:


  • Softens & penetrates

  • Tendency to bleach if used excessively

Product literature designated:

Appearance & Odor:
Clear liquid, mild odor.
Physical State: Liquid
pH: 1.5
Vapor Pressure (mmHg): N/A
Vapor Density (air=1): N/A
Boiling Point: 212° F
Freezing/Melting Point: 5° F
Specific Gravity (WATER =1): 1.367
Evaporation Rate: N/A
Solubility in Water: Complete

How should you dilute Calcite Presoak?

  • Use undiluted
  • Use NMD 80 undiluted up to a 4:1 dilution as an additional application for trace removal.

Refer to other details, such as always pretesting or applying when temperatures are above 40 degrees F, on product container or in manufacturer's instructions.